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Gene - I received the frame.  A real beauty it is.  I was very impressed with the workmanship.  My husband unscrewed the back & I place my picture in it. 
It looks very rustic looking on our bookshelf.  Thanks for the beautiful work Gene. 

Gene/Nancy -
I wanted to let you know that I received my table and benches last week.
I do not know what to say other than this is the most beautiful table and benches I have ever seen.
The materials and craftsmanship are absolutely top notch and I cannot thank you enough for your time and effort.
I know this table will stay in my family for generations and has made quite the statement to our rustic style kitchen and home.
Once the kitchen remodel is finalized, I will make sure to send photos and hope you will post to your website.
All the very best and thank you again for managing all the details and making the entire process so worthwhile!
Our new tables fit perfectly in our home!!! They are even more beautiful than we imagined!!! I love them! Thank you so much!
Gene and Nancy -  Thank you so much for the beautiful table and buffet.  I am thrilled with both pieces.  I have to admit I was reluctant to make
such a large purchase online without being able to see the pieces firsthand, but they are exactly what I had in mind.  You both were so great at
answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns I had.  I love the sturdiness and the rustic look.  To have a table that is absolutely
functional and still look amazing without any maintenance is priceless with a growing family.  We will enjoy it for years to come. 
Thank you for the excellent customer service and quality craftsmanship.  I would recommend your furniture to anyone interested in the rustic style. 
Thanks again.

Nancy & Gene - I LOVE the vanity!  It is beautiful.  The craftsmanship is impeccable.  Even my builder commented on the vanity, as being
very nicely built.  Very sturdy and all around perfect!  The pulls and the towel bar are very unique.  I know I will never see another vanity
that is like mine.  I have one-of-a-kind barnwood vanity!  I will be ordering more furniture soon.  Thank you Gene for building me such a
perfect barnwood vanity. 
New Jersey

Gene - We just wanted to write and say how absolutely THRILLED we are with our table! It’s exactly what we were hoping for. Everyone
who has seen it thus far has been amazed and wants to know where we came across it. It’s so beautiful that it makes every meal more
enjoyable, and truly turns our Manhattan apartment into a home for us. It’s clear that it will last as long as we do, and we look forward
to eating at it for years and years to come.
New York

Nancy and Gene – I LOVE the table.  It is beautiful.  I will send a picture via email this week.  We are enjoying it immensely!

Gene - The table has arrived here in New Jersey.  It is absolutely GORGEOUS and the color is perfect.  It matches the beams
in the room exactly.  A little bit of Montana here in New Jersey.  Thank you so much!
New Jersey

Gene - We received the vanity and we were very happy when we opened the crate.  It is beautiful.  The workmanship and quality are
outstanding.  It is exactly what we had imagined.  It was an absolute pleasure to do business with you and Nancy.  Thanks again!
New York

Nancy & Gene - I really love the table and benches.  Really unbelievable craftsmanship!!!  (Gene, the crating and instructions
were equally impressive.)
Thank you both very much, if you ever need a reference I would be happy to give one.
Rhode Island

Gene and Nancy - The root ball table and chairs arrived and we love them!  Once again, a fantastic job, Gene! 
We truly appreciate your artistry and craftsmanship.  Thanks again for the unique pieces and the time you
put into them.  We love your work!
C. & R. D.

Gene and Nancy, 
We received the table yesterday and we love it!  We looked for a long time and I don’t think we could have found a better table. 
The craftsmanship is extraordinary and the table is incredibly beautiful.  Now, we can hardly wait to see the second table!  Thank you.
T & R

Hi Gene - My husband put the vanity in my dining room last night. He loves it as well! It looks fantastic,& it is exactly what I wanted.
I've already had 2 friends over to see it. I am not great on the computer but I am going to try to send you a picture if I can get my
daughter to do this when she has time, or I'll have to do it the old fashioned way via U.S. mail. Thank you so much again.
C. T.
New York

Gene - This is exactly what we were looking for.  You did a fantastic job and would recommend you any time. 
This piece is going to make a great addition to our new home.  Thank you for the quality craftsmanship and
timely work.  Thanks again.

C & M D.


Gene - The root ball table and chairs arrived and we love them!  Once again, a fantastic job, Gene!  We truly appreciate
your artistry and craftsmanship.  Thanks again for the unique pieces and the time you put into them. 
We love your work!  God bless you.
R & C D.

Gene - The barnwood furniture looks great.  You did a fantastic job on the desk and the bookcase.  The packing job was
something else!! :)  I will be out to visit you in your shop in the summer 2006.
B. A.

Gene - I am very happy with my log sofa table.  It is just so interesting, I love just sitting and looking at it. 
You did a great job in the design and I just wanted to say "Thank You".
B. V.

Gene - I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the beautiful work you did on the chairs, log bar stools,
and table top that you custom made for me. They are beautiful and so unique! Everybody that comes into my home
comments on them, asking where I found such extraordinary furniture.   It is always the first topic of conversation,
and each guest is compelled to closely inspect the craftsmanship. Children always want to count the tree rings in the
seats so they can proudly declare its age. It was a risk to give somebody such a free reign in creating the design of the
pieces, but with that freedom you obviously let your creative juices and artistic talents flow. The results could not have
been better! You managed to create a uniquely beautiful dining set that I will treasure through the years, while
staying within my budget. I love the way it looks in my kitchen!
You and Nancy were terrific to work with, and I appreciate that you kindly kept me informed every step of the way
during the building process. I would recommend your work to anybody that is interested in rustic furniture that is
well crafted and filled with artistic creativity.
K. B.

Gene - The table is in, and it is so beautiful.  Thank you so much for all your hard work.  We are so thrilled to have
the barnwood table in our dining room, and appreciate the craftsmanship that went into it.
Our sincere thanks,
C&S S.

Dear Gene - The mirrors were delivered yesterday in great shape - that was quite a packing job!
After we unpacked the mirrors, we spent about an hour just staring at them - they are so beautiful and you used the
shape of the wood so artistically - I almost hate to hide them in my bathroom.
Thank you again.
S. W.

Gene - The stools arrived in excellent shape.  They are awesome....comfortable, sturdy and one-of-a-kind!!!
J. L.

Gene - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! Thank you so very much. Your workmanship is superior!!!!!! Excellent customer
service and rapid & precise response with delivery date inquiry.   I'll definitely be ordering more frames!
K. C.

Gene - The frame  is wonderful!  It's everything I had hoped it would be.  The print looks great in it.  Thank you
so much for making it so beautiful.
 I can tell you love what you do.  I feel the care and attention you put into your
work when I look at the frame.   This makes it special and gives it an energy you couldn't get by buying it at a store,
not knowing who made it.  I took the frame over to the glass store yesterday and picked it up today. 
It looks great with the glass.

J. G.

Gene and Nancy - The bed is wonderful! We've really been enjoying it.  Just wanted to let you know I haven't
forgotten about getting you some pictures. I've been swamped with other stuff, but hope to get something sent to
you by the end of the month.  Thanks for all your hard work. We truly have a heirloom piece!
A. H.

Gene - Thank you for the frame which arrived earlier in the week.  It is just perfect for our art, and beautifully crafted. 
We look forward to placing more orders!  Thanks so much!

Gene & Nancy - I just opened the package with your frame and put the painting in it.  The frame absolutely makes
the painting.  It's beautiful! 
I can't thank you enough for taking the extra time to fit me into your schedule.  I will
certainly be wanting more of your frames....... next time I'll plan further ahead.  :^)  I can't wait to hang the painting
on my grand daughter's wall!
Again, many Thanks.

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