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Custom Made Rustic Barnwood Table, Vanity, Desk, Etc.
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barnwood desk with antler & copper accents
Barnwood Desk

Custom Made Rustic Barnwood Furniture by Greater Yellowstone Furniture.   Our unique custom made, all natural, rustic barnwood furniture designs include rustic, all antique barnwood furniture, antique barnwood plank dining tables, rustic barnwood bath vanity, 100% rustic barnwood furniture, made in the United States of America. 

This is not a production line type of business. Every order of our rustic barnwood furniture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, custom made pieces.  No two pieces are exactly the same.  Every piece of barnwood furniture is custom made especially for you!  That way you can order the specific size that will fit your space.

We custom design and build all natural rustic barnwood furniture: custom made barnwood plank tables, especially the old style, family dinner - supper farm table.  They are very popular.  These custom made farm plank tables are built as the old farm dining tables were; very functional, yet very nice looking, rustic farm tables.  They are very beautiful.  And, we also offer custom made barnwood coffee tables that are beautiful, just ask us.

barnwood plank dining table with mortise tenon base
Barnwood Plank Dining Table
with Mortise Tenon Base

The old-style, custom made rustic barnwood vanity is also a great piece of furniture.  These are mostly used in the bath areas of houses, and some clients are putting copper sinks into them.  The aged wood and the copper sink compliment each other greatly.  Other clients are using them as hutches and as a storage vanity in their homes.  Very beautiful piece of furniture for your home!

Barnwood Vanity with Frame
Barnwood Vanity with Matching
Barnwood Mirror Frame

New rustic furniture designs are being created by our customers, and built by Gene Nellis of Greater Yellowstone Furniture.  Contact us and let Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Designs create a custom heirloom piece of rustic barnwood furniture for your home and family.

Our custom made, rustic barnwood furniture will look great in your log home, lodge or barnwood home. We purposely do not have a shopping cart system on this site.  This is truly a custom made, rustic barnwood furniture business and we want our clients to voice their own input in the design of our furniture. We like to talk to each client before an order is placed to better understand our client's wishes about how they would like their rustic barnwood furniture to look. Gene Nellis is the designer and builder of all our rustic barnwood furniture and rustic barnwood frames.

Barnwood Plank Coffee Table
Barnwood Coffee Table

Barnwood Mirror Frame
Barnwood Bathroom Mirror Frame

Barnwood Sofa Table w/Wine Rack
Barnwood Sofa Table w/Wine Rack

This is not a production line type of business. Our rustic barnwood furniture pieces are truly one-of-a-kind, custom made pieces, made by one man, Gene Nellis. 

The antique, rustic barnwood comes from old barns, buildings and bridges that we have taken down.  We "take down", not tear down old buildings and barns so they may live again with a new purpose, as rustic barnwood furniture and recycled barnwood picture frames. Some of the old barns and mills that we take down are reborn into barnwood picture frames or rustic barnwood furniture, such as the old-fashioned farm plank dining tables and the rustic barnwood vanity, which are made with outstanding craftsmanship!

Greater Yellowstone Furniture and Design guarantees that all our products are built to last a lifetime. Gene Nellis, designer and craftsman, has created unique rustic wood furniture, recycled barnwood furniture, stone floors and fireplaces in the Greater Yellowstone Area for 40 years.  Gene is also a degreed geologist, so he knows how to "rock"!!! 

All materials that are used in this custom made, rustic barnwood furniture are guaranteed to be made in the United States of America.

Gene Nellis
Greater Yellowstone Furniture
PO Box 526
Pony, MT   59747   
Phone 406-685-3541


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